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Turbocharge Your Hockey Skills: The Elite Acceleration and Puck Control Class for U10s and U12s

Transform Your Game: From Basics to Advanced Techniques

If you're the parent of a 9 to 12-year-old aspiring hockey player, or you're a young athlete yourself, we've got exciting news for you! Introducing our new class, specifically designed to skyrocket the skills of young hockey talents: the Elite Acceleration and Puck Control class. Led by Coach Pat Dapuzzo, this program zeroes in on the advanced techniques that can set a player apart from the rest. We cover everything from explosive acceleration and surgical puck handling to quick decision-making skills. If your child aims to make a higher-level travel team or simply wants to elevate their overall gameplay, this class offers the comprehensive training required to achieve those goals.

On-Ice Drills and Game-Like Scenarios: A Complete Training Experience

What distinguishes our class from others is our multifaceted approach. We blend on-ice drills with game-like scenarios to offer a complete training experience. These exercises are engineered to mimic the conditions of a real game, making sure that the skills learned can be seamlessly applied when it matters most. This isn't just about learning advanced moves; it's about understanding the strategies behind them to dominate the competition.

A Focus on Confidence: Not Just Skills

Sure, skills are vital, but what sets a great player apart from a good one is often their level of confidence on the ice. Our program aims not only to impart advanced skills but also to instill a sense of self-assuredness that comes from knowing you've been trained by the best to be your best. By the end of this course, players will emerge more confident, agile, and strategic, ready to face any challenge thrown their way in the rink.

Our Elite Acceleration and Puck Control class is the ultimate training ground for young, dedicated players who are serious about their hockey journey.

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