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Bantam Bound: Elevate Your Hockey Skills with Coach Kern

For all young hockey players moving up to Bantam, we're offering a special Checking and Game Skills class at the Cutting Edge Ice Academy, led by Coach Frank Kern. This class is tailored specifically for players born in 2011 who are transitioning to the Bantam level, focusing on core skills that will make a significant difference in your game.

What to Expect

The class will split its time between checking techniques and game skills improvement. You'll spend part of the class learning about checking, competition, and flow drills. The goal here is to understand the mechanics of effective checking and how to incorporate it safely and strategically into your game.

The other portion of the class will concentrate on honing your game skills. This includes drills designed to improve your decision-making, puck control, and situational awareness. Coach Kern will emphasize the importance of speed and intensity during play, as well as maintaining awareness to ensure you're always prepared for what's happening on the ice.

Coaching by Frank Kern

Coach Kern, known for his expertise and passion for hockey, will be leading the class. His approach is focused on building both the skills and the confidence of young players. Coach Kern is also excited to announce a summer camp focusing on these same themes, providing an extended opportunity to refine your skills under his guidance.

Why This Class?

This class is a perfect fit for players looking to make a smooth transition to Bantam by mastering essential skills. It's a chance to:

  • Learn and improve your checking abilities in a safe environment.

  • Enhance your overall game skills, including puck control and situational awareness.

  • Gain valuable insights from Coach Kern's extensive experience.

Moreover, with the upcoming summer camp led by Coach Kern, players have an excellent opportunity to continue their development and focus intensively on these crucial aspects of their game.

Join Us

If you're a young player eager to elevate your hockey skills as you move up to Bantam, this class is designed for you. Without the pressure of intense drama, but with a clear focus on growth and improvement, Coach Kern's Checking and Game Skills class at the Cutting Edge Ice Academy is your next step. Stay tuned for more information on the summer camp, and let's work together to enhance your play on the ice.


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