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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer public skating?

No we do not offer public skating only ice hockey. If you're looking for learn-to-skate, figure skating or, public skating, it is offered at Floyd Hall Arena (Montclair State Ice Arena) or Mennen Sports Arena.

How does payment work?

Booking online requires payment at the time of purchase, while calling to book your appointment allows you the option to pay with cash, credit, or check at the time of the time of your clinic. Receipts will be sent to the email on your account file or can be printed by one of our front desk staff.  Please call (201) 773-6647 to dispute any past purchases.

How does the Waitlist work?

Going on a waitlist for a class or camp will put you in a queue until a spot becomes available. You will be charged if you are reserving a waitlist spot online; in-person or on the phone you will not need to pay until the time of your clinic if you are added into the class. If a spot does not become available in your waitlisted class, a credit will automatically be applied to your account for an equivalent class that you can book in the future.


Early cancellations can be made 24 hours before any class, except camps, and a credit will automatically be applied to your account for an equivalent class in the future. Please call (201) 773-6647 to cancel. Camps must be cancelled 30 days in advance. A late cancellation will occur if a scheduled class is missed or is cancelled within the 24 hour window. We can not return payments to other credit/debit cards then the one used at the time of purchase.

Do you offer figure skating lesson?

No, check Mennen Sports Arena or Floyd Hall Arena

Why can't I see my booked lessons online or on the Cutting Edge Ice Academy mobile app?

You may have multiple profiles created under the same name or do not have your multiple accounts linked together, call (201) 773-6647 and we can help resolve this issue. A front desk employee can also print a copy of your schedule.

How do I know which Coach to pick?

You can view our Staff List page to see if any coaches stand out particularly but generally all coaches at Cutting Edge can teach, at any level, the aspects of ice hockey you're looking to improve. 

Can I book a private lesson with the same coach and time?

You can speak with the coach directly to set up a reoccurring time for private lessons; our staff members can not give out coaches phone numbers.

What ages do you offer sessions?

We offer hockey clinics to Mites (Beginning at age 8 to 10), Squirts, Peewees, Bantams, and Juniors. Private lessons are available to all age. We do ask that participants have experience playing ice hockey.

When is Cutting Edge Ice Academy open?

A: We are open/closed based on our scheduled clinics, visit our schedule to see available private lessons, group lessons, clinics camps, and more.  For calling purposes, we are generally open from 10AM-10PM, Sunday-Saturday.

How big is your ice rink?

Check our Facility page to learn more about what Cutting Edge Ice Academy has to offer

Can I get my skates sharpened?

Yes, we have a Sparx Pro Sharpening machine with 1/2" Radius Hollow Ring.

Is there a Pro Shop?

No but tape, laces, and wax can be purchased in our main lobby.

Is food/water available?

We have two vending machines located by the stairwell and water available in our main lobby.

What equipment do I need for my lesson?

All lessons, clinics, hockey skating classes, and camps require full hockey equipment as sanctioned by USAHockey.

Is there a locker room to get changed in?

Yes, we have two locker rooms and benches throughout the rink area to get ready at as well.

Lost and Found

Our staff checks every night for forgotten items. Please ask one of our staff members if you have misplaced an item or check our Lost & Found Bin under the stairs before you enter the ice area. Water bottles generally get discarded if left on the bench.

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked on our website, through our mobile app available on iOS and Android, or by calling

(201) 773-6647.

Where can I park if the parking lot is full?

If the front, back, and side parking is full, please park at C&S Fencing next door; do not park at Camp-Bow-Wow or other businesses.

How do I apply a coupon?

A staff member can apply coupons before a class is purchased, just let us know.

Can I rent the Ice?

Yes, view our Ice Rental page to learn more and Full Schedule page to book a time-slot

I don't see where I can apply a Credit from a Early Canceled clinic

Call us (201-773-6647) before you purchase the class and let us know you have a credit on your account and what class you would like to be added to.

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