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Small Group Lessons

Small Group Training sessions are conducted with 2 to 6 skaters and one coach. They provide a cost effective way for your son or daughter to receive a high level of individual attention to their game and maximize their rate of skill development. Small Group Training is a proven way to succeed. 

The multiple player format allows us to conduct more realistic and competitive game situation drills, such as 1-on-1, 2-on-1, tip-ins and rebound drills.  You (and the coach) can design your Small Group to work on specific sets of skills such as defensive play, checking skills, etc. There are practically no limits. And you are welcome to bring a goalie to your Small Group lesson free of charge.

The sessions may be taken as a single lesson, or in discounted packages of 6. To find out more about our Small Group Training or check availability, call us at 201-773-6647.

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