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How 3v3 Hockey in Scottsdale Shaped NHL Star Auston Matthews


When we talk about the development of elite hockey talent, the conversation often revolves around traditional training methods and standard 5v5 gameplay. However, for NHL star Auston Matthews, a significant part of his developmental journey was shaped not on the crowded rinks of traditional hockey hotbeds, but on the less trodden path of 3v3 hockey in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The History of 3v3 Hockey

3v3 hockey, a format that promotes faster play, enhanced skill development, and quick decision-making, has been gaining popularity. Originating as a fun, fast-paced alternative to traditional hockey, it has evolved into a recognized training method for skill enhancement. The smaller teams and more open ice allow players to touch the puck more often, enhancing their puck-handling skills and game sense.

Matthews' Journey in Scottsdale

For Auston Matthews, growing up in a non-traditional hockey market like Scottsdale offered unique opportunities. Without the pressure of traditional hockey norms, Matthews often found himself playing 3v3 hockey. This format allowed him to hone his incredible puck-handling skills, quick shot release, and his ability to read the game – skills that have become trademarks of his play in the NHL.

Benefits of 3v3 Hockey for Matthews

  1. Enhanced Puck Handling: In the 3v3 format, Matthews had more opportunities to handle the puck, leading to improved control and creativity.

  2. Increased Ice Awareness: With fewer players, Matthews learned to make quicker decisions and developed an acute awareness of the ice, which is evident in his exceptional positional play.

  3. Improved Conditioning: The fast pace of 3v3 hockey meant Matthews built up his stamina and speed, key components of his game today.

  4. Focus on Individual Skill: The format encouraged Matthews to refine his individual skills, particularly his shot accuracy and deking abilities.

Impact on Matthews' NHL Career

These skills, forged in the unique crucible of 3v3 hockey, have made Auston Matthews one of the most dynamic players in the NHL. His ability to create scoring opportunities, coupled with his excellent skating and shooting skills, can be traced back to his days playing 3v3 in Scottsdale.


Auston Matthews' journey is a testament to the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all path to hockey greatness. His success highlights the potential benefits of alternative training methods like 3v3 hockey. As Matthews continues to dazzle on the NHL stage, he serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the diverse paths to achieving hockey excellence.

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