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Johnny Hero's Breakfast Club Camp (SQ/PW)

Johnny Hero's Breakfast Club Camp is a summer hockey camp that runs from 8:20 am to 10:20 am in the morning. Led by experienced coach Johnny Hero, the camp is focused on developing the all-around skills of young hockey players. The camp is open to players of all skill levels and is tailored to the specific needs and goals of each participant.

During the camp, players will receive daily instruction and training on various hockey skills such as stickhandling, shooting, passing, and skating. They will also receive instruction on positional play, game strategy, and mental preparation. The coaches will use a variety of drills, exercises, and scrimmage situations to help players develop their abilities in a competitive and challenging environment.

The camp's early morning schedule allows players to make the most of their summer days while still getting in quality hockey instruction and training. The camp's all-around approach to hockey development will help players become well-rounded, complete players.

The Johnny Hero's Breakfast Club Camp is the perfect opportunity for young players looking to take their hockey skills to the next level. With a focus on skill development, hard work, and commitment, players will leave the camp with the tools they need to succeed on the ice.

The camp will run two weeks, July 5th to 7th as well as July 24th to 27th.


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