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Last Chance to Elevate Your Game Before School and Hockey Season: Cutting Edge High Performance Over

Summer is winding down, and as we approach the last week before school starts and the official hockey season kicks off, Cutting Edge Ice Academy is offering the ultimate prep camp — the High Performance Overspeed Stick Handling Camp. Run by the esteemed Coach Ryan Strapp, this camp is specifically crafted for Peewees, Bantams, and Midgets. If you're looking to gain that extra edge before stepping onto the ice for the new season, look no further!

What Sets This Camp Apart?

  1. The Final Countdown: As the last week of summer, this is your last opportunity for intensive training before the routines of school and competitive hockey begin.

  2. Run by Coach Ryan Strapp: Leverage the expertise of Coach Strapp, whose wealth of experience and innovative teaching methods promise a transformative experience.

  3. Age-Specific Training: This camp addresses the unique needs of players in the Peewee (ages 11-12), Bantam (ages 13-14), and Midget (ages 15-18) age groups.

  4. Focused, High-Intensity Sessions: Each day includes a 2-hour on-ice session, covering advanced stick handling techniques to make you a powerhouse on the ice.

Skill Areas Covered

  • Speed: Through unique drills, increase your stickhandling speed and agility.

  • Control: Learn to maneuver the puck with supreme control at high speeds.

  • Precision: Fine-tune your skills for precise passes and accurate shots.

  • Reaction Time: Quick decision-making drills will prepare you for any in-game situation.

Why You Should Sign Up

This isn't just another camp; it's your final shot at intensive, focused improvement before the school bell rings and the hockey season’s puck drops. Seize this chance to outperform and outshine your competition.

Essential Details

  • Dates: Monday to Thursday of the upcoming week

  • Time: 10:40 am - 12:40 pm daily

Don't let this last chance slip away. Secure your spot today, and start your hockey season with newfound skills and confidence, thanks to the Cutting Edge High Performance Overspeed Stick Handling Camp run by Coach Ryan Strapp!


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