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Small Group Master Training

Welcome to Small Group Master Training, where you'll experience the personalized coaching and attention of a private hockey lesson combined with the camaraderie and teamwork of a group setting. Designed for players who are committed to sharpening their skills and taking their game to the next level, this unique program offers the perfect balance between individualized coaching and group support.

In this 50-minute session, players will benefit from a low coach-to-player ratio, allowing our expert instructors to provide tailored feedback and instruction. Participants will engage in a variety of skill-building exercises, including stickhandling, shooting, passing, and skating, while also learning valuable team strategies and tactics. Players will be grouped according to age and skill level to ensure a challenging and rewarding experience for all.

Key Features:

  1. Small Group Setting: With a limited number of participants, each player will receive personalized attention and coaching, creating an environment that emulates a private lesson.

  2. Tailored Instruction: Our expert instructors will assess each player's skills and provide customized guidance to help them reach their full potential on the ice.

  3. Comprehensive Skill Development: Players will work on a wide range of essential hockey skills, such as stickhandling, shooting, passing, skating, and more.

  4. Teamwork and Strategy: In addition to individual skill development, players will learn important team strategies and tactics that will improve their overall game.

  5. Age and Skill Level Grouping: Participants will be grouped according to their age and skill level, ensuring a challenging and rewarding experience for everyone.

Whether you're an aspiring hockey star or a dedicated player looking to refine your skills, our Small Group Master Training program provides the perfect opportunity to learn, grow, and excel in a supportive and focused environment. Join us today and elevate your game like never before!


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