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Summer Goalie Power Skating

Join Coach Jim Margitch in this specialized clinic focused on powerskating and edge development specifically tailored for goaltenders. Designed to enhance your on-ice mobility, agility, and edge control, this clinic will improve your ability to move efficiently within the crease during game situations.

Throughout the program, Coach Margitch will provide personalized instruction and drills aimed at maximizing your powerskating potential. By targeting the fundamental aspects of edge work, you will gain a competitive advantage by improving your speed, quickness, and overall mobility.

Key Focus Areas:

Edge Control: Master the techniques and body positioning necessary for strong edge control, allowing you to execute precise movements and transitions.

Speed and Agility: Enhance your overall speed and agility through focused drills and exercises, enabling you to react quickly and cover the net effectively.

Quick Directional Changes: Develop the ability to change directions rapidly and smoothly, enabling you to respond to game situations with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Balance and Stability: Strengthen your balance and stability on the ice to maintain control during challenging saves and unpredictable movements.

Crease Movement Efficiency: Learn techniques to optimize your movement within the crease, ensuring you are in the right position to make saves and eliminate scoring opportunities.

This clinic is suitable for goaltenders of all skill levels who are looking to improve their powerskating abilities. Whether you're a beginner goaltender seeking to establish a strong foundation or an experienced netminder aiming to fine-tune your skills, this program will provide you with the tools and training necessary to excel.


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