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Unlock Exclusive Benefits with Cutting Edge Membership Passes!

We are excited to unveil our membership tiers, tailored to offer you incredible access to our clinics at unbeatable prices. With our memberships, not only do you enjoy discounted rates, but you also receive an additional 5% off all clinics. You can hold more than one membership, enjoying discounts in different class levels.

How Does It Work? Our membership system is simple and transparent. Once you join, your credit card will be charged monthly at a special member rate, and in return, you get a pass to your chosen clinic tier. This pass can be used anytime within the month.

Membership Tiers & Pricing:

  1. Standard Membership: Experience our standard clinics that cater to all your basic skills.

    • Membership Price: $45 (Regular Price: $58.50)

  1. Elite Membership: Dive into a premium experience with our elite clinics, perfect for those seeking slightly smaller classes.

    • Membership Price: $50 (Regular Price: $65)

  1. Master Membership: For those who accept nothing but the best, our master clinics offer a top-notch experience.

    • Membership Price: $65 (Regular Price: $84)

Additional Benefits:

  • Extra Savings: On top of the discounted membership prices, enjoy an additional 5% off on all clinics.

  • Multiple Memberships: Want to experience more? You can opt for more than one membership type, maximizing your benefits.

  • Flexible Usage: Your pass isn't tied to specific days or times. Use it anytime during the month as per your convenience.

Ready to Dive In? Become a part of the Cutting Edge family today and experience healthcare like never before. Sign up now and enjoy a plethora of benefits tailored just for you.

For any questions or additional details, our support team is always here to help. Reach out anytime.


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