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Elevate Your Game: Wednesday Night Small Groups and Privates for All Ages at Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge Ice Academy becomes a beacon of advancement and dedication every Wednesday evening. As the Zamboni smooths the rink to glassy perfection, players of all age groups, from U8 to U18, lace up their skates with a shared purpose: to become the best versions of themselves on the ice. Here, every drill, every lap, every shot is a step towards greatness.

Small Group Clinics: Tailored for Development

Our clinics are structured to offer the intimate coaching and detailed feedback of private lessons within a small group setting. From the enthusiastic U8 newbies taking their first shot at the game to the seasoned U16/18 players fine-tuning their skills for competitive play, our Small Group Clinics cater to every stage of a player's journey.

A Spectrum of Skills for Every Age Group

At Cutting Edge, we understand that development is an age-specific journey. Our clinics are segmented to meet the unique needs of each group:

  • U8 & U10 Clinics: For our youngest athletes, it's about fun, fundamentals, and fostering a love for the game.

  • U12 Clinics: As players grow, so does the complexity of the skills we teach, preparing these preteens for the tactical elements of hockey.

  • U14 Clinics: Teenagers are on the brink of their most transformative years. We equip them with advanced techniques and strategic know-how.

  • U16/18 Clinics: For our oldest participants, it's about polishing skills, understanding the nuances of the game, and preparing for higher levels of competition.

Personalized Attention in a Team Setting

In each clinic, our coaches focus on crucial areas of development:

  • Skating: Agility, power, and speed are tailored to the physical capabilities and challenges of each age group.

  • Puck Handling: Precision and control are drilled from the get-go, becoming more complex as the players advance.

  • Shooting: We start with the basics for the younger groups and progress to the finer points of shot placement and power for the older ones.

  • Game Strategy: Tactical understanding grows with the player, from the simplest plays to complex maneuvers.

Beyond the Clinics: Private Lessons

For those seeking a one-on-one approach, we offer private lessons. These sessions provide a bespoke training experience, ideal for focusing on specific areas of improvement or preparing for particular roles within a team.

Why Our Clinics Stand Out

Our commitment to small group sizes ensures personalized attention — akin to private lessons but enriched by the presence of peers. This setting allows players to engage in competitive drills, learn from one another, and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Join Our Hockey Family Every Wednesday Night

We welcome you to become a part of our Wednesday tradition. Whether you’re starting your journey in hockey or preparing to take the leap into collegiate or professional levels, Cutting Edge has a place for you. Our doors are open to all who love the game and strive for excellence.

Enroll today to secure your spot in our clinics. With our coaches, your peers, and the ice as your canvas, there's no limit to how far you can go.


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