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Overspeed Stickhandling - Thursday's at 730pm with Coach Strapp

Calling all budding hockey enthusiasts! Are you eager to navigate the ice rink with enhanced agility, speed, and puck control? If so, you'll be delighted to discover our Overspeed Stickhandling class, specifically tailored for Squirts and Peewees.

Master the Art of Puck Control

At the heart of our Overspeed Stickhandling class is a comprehensive approach to improving your puck-carrying skills at lightning-fast speeds. Successful stickhandling extends beyond just the puck and the stick—it encapsulates an intricate blend of speed, precision, and control. Our goal is to help you build unshakeable confidence with the puck, fostering competence that shines both during practice and in the adrenaline-fueled moments of a match.

Benefit from Expert Guidance

Recognizing that each player has a unique set of strengths and development areas, our expert coaches are dedicated to delivering challenging drills coupled with personalized feedback. Leveraging their extensive experience and acute observation skills, they'll guide you towards fine-tuning your performance, focusing on the precise areas you need to enhance.

Boost Your Hand-Eye Coordination and Hockey IQ

Hand-eye coordination and hockey IQ are critical components of a high-performing hockey player. Our Overspeed Stickhandling class deliberately emphasizes these skills to help you evolve into a more well-rounded player. You'll learn to predict the game's dynamics and make quicker, smarter decisions, providing you with a competitive edge in every on-ice situation.

So, why wait? Seize this opportunity to elevate your hockey skills and sign up for our Overspeed Stickhandling class today! Harness your speed and agility to transform into a puck-handling superstar, leaving spectators in awe of your abilities. Step up to the challenge, make your mark on the ice, and journey towards ice hockey mastery.

It's both a weekly clinic and a camp this summer!!


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