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Puck Skills and Transitions Clinic

Elevate your game with Coach Ryan Strapp's Monday Hockey Clinic! Every Monday at 5:30PM, young hockey enthusiasts gather to refine their game and develop elite-level skills under the expert guidance of Coach Strapp.

Tailored specifically for Squirt and Peewee players, this clinic is a unique opportunity for young talents who are eager to sharpen their offensive prowess on the ice. Dive deep into the nuances of stick handling, master the art of skating, and perfect your shooting techniques. With each session, you'll find yourself becoming more confident, controlling the puck with precision, and making plays that leave your opponents in the dust.

The real magic of this clinic, however, lies in the hands-on instruction and personalized feedback from our experienced coaches. They're committed to recognizing your individual strengths and areas of improvement, ensuring that by the end of the clinic, you emerge as a more formidable player than you ever imagined.

So, why wait? Grab this chance to enhance your hockey skills and shine brighter on the ice. Remember, every Monday, 5:30PM – it's game time!


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